In the United States, the profession of cosmosphere

Despite all the difficulties, NASA is methodically preparing for the extraction of minerals in space. Especially for this “Colorado School of Mountaineering” announced a set for training courses for cosmoschaters.

According to NASA experts, the total value of minerals that can be extracted from small space bodies is about $ 100 billion per inhabitant of our planet. This colossal amount of valuable metals and materials is scattered around 780 000 asteroids that are in our solar system. Most of them will be very difficult to get, but the solid part circulates in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

It was on this belt that first of all they aimed at NASA. According to the forecasts of the organization’s employees, by the year 2030 a real “gold rush” may begin in space. Other organizations are also actively thinking about how to break the jackpot on space mining. Research and training university “Colorado Mountain School” for this purpose opens courses of space miners.

Students at the courses will get acquainted with the fundamentals of geomechanics, solar and nuclear power engineering and metallurgy, ways of mining, as well as extraction of valuable substances from ore. In the list of disciplines will be astrophysics, robotics and the basics of designing spacecraft. The university plans to release the first space starships in 5-8 years – at that time the first probes for the exploration of the asteroid resources should be launched into space.

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