In the Voronezh region have caught the heaviest mouse

In the Voronezh region caught very well-fad mouse. The weight of an individual of a zheltogorly mouse who fell into hands of employees of the Khopyor reserve made 90 grams that became a record indicator. The previous champion on weight among mice weighed 85 grams.

The mouse giant was found during the planned autumn census of mikromammaliya in the reserve. The accounting of mammals of the size of a mouse or a shrew is carried out twice a year — in the spring and in the fall — since 1972. In the course of “qualification” experts catch and weigh representatives of 15 types of fauna relating to groups of rodents and insectivorous.

The fall of 2016 gave scientists in literal sense a big surprise. The weight of one of mice exceeded norm (50 grams) almost twice. Experts excluded a possibility of a mutation and explained gargantyuansky dimensions of a rodent with good appetite, lack of helminths and enviable health.

Though against the background of relatives the mouse is a little allocated, her sizes keep within specific standards. Scientists notice that the range of body weights at mouse is very big: mouse baby weight — 4 grams, and a zheltogorly mouse (as it appeared) — to 90 grams.

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