Italian inventor thinks crop circles are patterns for free energy

Crop circles, the intricate patterns found in agricultural fields, continue to fascinate people around the world. While some have proven to be elaborate hoaxes, others remain a mystery, palpable and real but unexplained.

In 1991, a book entitled Crop Circles: Harbingers of World Change, written by Alick Bartholomew, was published. It explored the idea that certain crop circles might be messages from a non-human mind from beyond this physical world. Perhaps these formations were intended to transmit the secrets of new advanced technologies.

In a book, English historian and psychic Isabel Kingston suggested that the crop circles might reveal a molecular structure or blueprint for a new form of energy that scientists would one day unravel.

As more and more crop circles were discovered, the idea that they might be messages from aliens persisted. The crop circles were becoming more and more complex and could not be written off as a hoax.

If the crop circles are an intended message, what is the message?

In 2008, Humberto Baudo decided to use the crop circles as a source of inspiration, a blueprint for a mechanism that he believed could provide a source of free energy, much like Nikola Tesla’s ultimate goals.

Baudo’s work, like Tesla’s plans for free energy, has remained little known, but we can read his conclusions in the video below.

Baudo admits that some of the crop circles are hoaxes, but among the hundreds of images he has found, he has selected those formations that he believes represent real energy-generating systems. He demonstrates that these formations can work like the gears of a machine.

“Since 2008, I realized that it is absolutely possible to generate free energy for the entire planet, and instead of paying large sums of money in exchange for a small amount of energy,” Baudo said.

In his first experiments, Baudo tried to create magnetic motors. The prototypes were field circle formations. His work progressed from magnetic systems to systems that use centrifugal force, and was tested with computer simulations.

The simulations allowed him to figure out what happens when the shapes rotate at high speed, generating energy both with and without gravity and counterbalancing mechanisms: magnets, springs and chains.

Baudo believes that the aliens chose to communicate with the crop circles for a reason.

“It’s important to understand that crop circles are the ultimate expression of a message, because much more can be conveyed through an image than through words,” he explains. “…Especially if the message is addressed to someone who doesn’t speak our language.”

The inventor discovered that rotating systems can revolve around an “eccentric nucleus,” which he recognized in many forms of circles. By rotating around this nucleus, circular shapes create momentum.

Baudo is convinced that the crop circles are an example of the use of centrifugal force and that he has deciphered their meaning.

With modifications, including the addition of a spring, he says he has created perfect models that continue to create momentum even after the engine is turned off. All thanks to centrifugal force…

“After years of study and research, always with these images in my head, I finally think I’ve found the key to understanding the bulk of these crop circles. The main key to understanding this is fundamentally one: Centrifugal Force. That’s it!”

The circular gears rotate until the spring slowly reaches full extension.

“The speed will increase, always in a constant way, until the spring achieves its maximum. In that moment [it] will stabilize,” he explains.

Although many people remain skeptical, he believes that these systems can work against the first principle of thermodynamics, that states the total energy of an isolated system is constant.

Instead, the engine he simulates continues to accelerate, while the “eccentric core” of the disc appears distorted into an oval shape.

Umberto Baudo has advanced beyond the computer simulations to create the mechanics of the centrifugal motors in three dimensions.

We see his team working to test the pieces cut out of metal, and in the latter part of the video in English, he discusses his findings with a man who puts him in contact with experts in America. From here, we are left to wonder what happened next.

What happened to Umberto Baudo’s designs? If he had been successful, surely we would know about it, right?

Yet delivering a source of free energy to the world would most likely be met with incredible resistance in a world where economies revolve around monetized methods of energy delivery.

Finding a source of unlimited free energy would change the global economy, freeing people from the need to labor endlessly to pay energy bills.

Will Baudo’s ultimate findings remain a mystery, like crop circles? Like Nikola Tesla’s plans to deliver free energy to the people?

Are beings with higher intelligence trying to tip the odds in the common person’s favor, allowing us to finally have such technology distributed to everyone worldwide?

Or, are we all overly optimistic to think this is even possible?

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