Japanese Corporation Panasonic print artificial skin

Japanese Corporation Panasonic has perfected the prototype of its “smart” mirror. At the international electronics show CEATEC 2016, which is taking place these days in Japan, the manufacturer introduced a new solution that can literally print the perfect skin for its owner.

Engineers Panasonic complements existing prototype mirror with brand new software and special cosmetic printer.

First, the system scans the face of the subject and examines how certain areas of the skin reflects and absorbs light. This technology allows you to identify any that are even visible to the naked look of skin imperfections: wrinkles, pores, redness, dryness, age spots, freckles and so on. Problem areas are highlighted on the reflection of the face in different colors. In the process, the system “decides” which of cosmetic and hardware tools help to solve each of the problems. And most importantly, in the absence of contraindications, the subject can immediately print a special cosmetic “patches”, which is perfect for his skin tone and help hide obvious defects.

After clicking on the “Print” button on the mirror surface of a special substrate printer is the finest of hypoallergenic material, coated with concealer and Foundation. The area of the patch slightly exceeds the size of the problem area. Tightly clutching a piece of paper impregnated with cosmetics, to face the man gets ready makeup – on the principle of temporary tattoo. Cosmetic makeup not only conceals imperfections, but also moisturizes it. If desired, it is easily washed off with water.

In Panasonic believe that the new solution will be especially in demand in medical cosmetology – for example, for hair and makeup … scars and birthmarks and boring tattoos.

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