Japanese scientists have developed a cure for boredom

According to a study conducted by scientists from Japan, a living substance was found in a special substance that can immerse the body in a state of rest. In addition, it can allow and get rid of boredom, simply by “adjusting” its concentration in the blood.

At this point, Japanese neuroscientists can control the sleep of mice by manipulating the work of the brain region responsible for sleep. Scientists from the University of Tsukuba are responsible for the discovery. According to scientists, the brain and hormonal system processes two types of signals: one is responsible for awakening the body and mobilizing forces, the second – for sleep and rest. The difference in the oscillation of these impulses and “tells” the body when it is necessary to fall asleep, and when – to stay awake. According to Professor Yo Oishi,

“All living beings who have a nervous system sleep in one form or another. In addition to the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, there are also “intermediate” states. For example, people drive a dream when they need the maximum concentration. At the same time when they are bored, driving a dream is much more difficult. Previously, we only assumed what this desire is connected with. ”

In the course of the survey, the experts wanted to find out why boredom causes drowsiness in a person: observing the behavior of mice, they noticed that after the rodents calmed, the concentration of adenosine, which intensifies the transfer of information between the cells of the nervous system, sharply increased in the brain. Then the Japanese decided to introduce a dose of this substance directly into the spinal cord of rodents. As a result of these actions, the mouse really fell asleep, plunging into a phase of deep sleep. In the course of further studies it became clear that adenosine deactivates a particular center of the brain. Thus, with the introduction of adenosine or its antagonist (provided that these molecules overcome the blood-brain barrier), one can regulate mood, immersing the person in a state of boredom and withdrawing from it.

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