July 2017 was the warmest in 137 years

July 2017 was the warmest in 137 years of modern weather observations, according to a monthly analysis of global temperature made by scientists from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (USA). It is followed by July 2016.

The previous month was 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer than the average July for the period from 1951 to 1980. Only July 2016 showed a similarly high temperature (by 0.82 degrees Celsius above the average July). All previous July were more than one tenth of a degree colder.

A monthly analysis of the team of the Goddard Institute for Space Research is compiled on the basis of publicly available data collected by 6.3 thousand meteorological stations around the world, instruments measuring sea surface temperature on ships and buoys and Antarctic research stations.

Modern global temperature observations began around 1880. Earlier observations did not cover sufficient territory of the planet.

Monthly analyzes are sometimes revised and changed when additional information becomes available.

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