Killers on the hunt: an increase in killer whale attacks on people has been recorded

Orcas are some of the most intelligent and dangerous predators in the world. Their intelligence and hunting skills amaze even scientific experts. But what to do when these animals start attacking people?

According to the Daily Orca Attack Tracker, the situation with orca attacks on humans has worsened significantly in recent years. While such cases used to be extremely rare, they now occur on a daily basis. Several factors are influencing this.

One reason is climate change. According to studies, the temperature of the water in the ocean is increasing, which leads to a change in the habitat of killer whales. They are forced to look for new territories to hunt, and this can lead to collisions with humans.

Another reason is a decrease in prey numbers. Orcas are predators that prey on fish and other marine animals. If there is less prey, orcas are forced to look for food in other places, including coastal areas where people are often present.

Orcas’ behavior is also influenced by their social structure. They live in large groups with leaders and subordinates. And if the leader starts attacking people, the rest of the group may follow his example.

But how to protect yourself from orcas’ attacks?

Experts recommend observing the following rules:

– Never approach orcas within a distance of less than 100 meters.
– If you see orcas close by, do not try to swim near them even in a boat.
– Do not feed or allow orcas to take food from your hands.
– If you notice orcas becoming aggressive, move away from them immediately.

Attacks of killer whales on people are becoming more frequent and it seems that they for reasons we do not yet understand – on purpose to attack people.

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