Kirigami inspired scientists to create an innovative plaster

Kirigami – Japanese art of making paper of various figures and cards using ordinary scissors. Who would have thought that it would inspire researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create an unusual plaster that equally effectively seams not only the smooth areas of the skin, but also mobile like elbows and knees, while not peeling off them during the movement.

Engineers from MIT have developed an adhesive film that can act as a plaster for moving parts of the body. I think that many of us were faced with the problem when the patch was unstuck from the broken elbow or knee, as soon as we started to bend the arm or leg. Well, the solution turned out to be quite simple: only a multitude of incisions had to be applied to the elastic material (in this case the liquid elastomer was used), which at times increased its ability to deform without risk of peeling off the surface of the skin.

The new adhesive easily withstands hundreds of stretching and squeezing cycles, while protecting the skin surface from external influences. On this, the researchers decided not to stop and created on the same principle a heating pad, powered by a 3-volt battery. The hot-water bottle also showed itself on the best side and kept on the surface of the body, not falling off it and providing a constant temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The developed technology has already been patented and offered to a large Chinese medical company. The creators of the band-aid are sure that it will be on sale in the near future.

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