Kittens infect their owners with dangerous infection

Kittens can infect hosts life-threatening disease just licking and scratching, warns the Center for prevention and disease control (USA). Cats carry in their mouths and claws of rare bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus. The animals from the disease do not suffer, but can “donate” a chronic infection of their human hosts.

According to the Center for prevention and disease control, the side effects potentially fatal disease is becoming more serious.

The report, released Wednesday, reports that each year 12 million Americans are infected with the disease of cat scratch”. 500 infected require hospitalization. Symptoms of infection — fever, fatigue, headaches and swollen lymph nodes. In extreme cases, brain swelling, and you experience a heart infection.

Unfortunately, the main culprits of disease — cute cats since young cats these bacteria are often found. To reduce the number of infections, the doctors asked loving owners not to kiss the cats, and wash your hands as often as possible.

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