Kozyrev mirrors: a mysterious device that hides many secrets

Kozyrev mirrors are a technical device that for a long time remained in the shadow of scientific interest. However, it deserves close attention from esotericists and scientists interested in esotericism. Created by astronomer Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev, these mirrors opened new horizons for researchers, but brought more fear and troubles than the joy of knowledge.

There are several versions of what Kozyrev’s Mirrors look like. According to one version, they are a single concave mirror in the form of a sheet of polished aluminum rolled up in one and a half turns. According to another version, the mirrors may be several and coiled in a clockwise spiral. The important condition is that the mirror must be concave and focus the energy, and the person is placed inside the focus.

Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev believed that time is energy. He claimed that inside his Mirrors time flows faster, which was confirmed by experiments. People inside age faster, and products spoil faster. However, there is information that some foods, on the contrary, last longer. Perhaps this contradiction is due to the size of the mirrors – the bigger they are, the more time speeds up.

The famous traveler Ernst Muldashev claims that time in the mirrors of Kozyrev speeds up about 7 times. He gives the example of a mirror on Mount Kailas in Tibet, which has a height of half a kilometer and a length of one and a half kilometers. People in the focus of this mirror age by several decades in just a week’s stay. This confirms that the results of experiments with Kozyrev Mirrors may vary depending on their size.

Kozyrev Mirrors are a unique device that opens new horizons for researchers. They allow studying phenomena related to focusing and shielding of energy. Despite the small amount of information about this device, it deserves more attention from the scientific community.

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