La Pasqualita mannequin: the mysterious history of a living doll

Clothing storefronts are decorated with mannequins that often do not evoke any emotion. They are standard, stamped. However, in the town of Chihuahua, Mexico, there is one mannequin that leaves no one indifferent. His name is La Pascualita.

The wedding dress shop-salon La Popular, located on Ocampo y Victoria Street, attracts the attention of the whole world thanks to this amazing mannequin. What immediately catches your eye is that La Pasqualita is different from modern mannequins. He looks old-fashioned, but that is not the only thing that attracts attention. There is something wrong with this mannequin.

La Pasqualita’s name comes from the Spanish word “pascuala,” which means “death.” This is the name chosen for this mannequin dressed in a wedding dress and has become a center of attraction for brides. In the culture of Latin American countries, the attitude towards death is not the same as in ours, so this enticement works.

The history of La Pasqualita is extremely curious and mysterious. This mannequin appeared in a store window exactly 85 years ago, on March 25, 1930. He was wearing a wedding dress, created for the spring season. And his appearance created quite a sensation.

People could not take their eyes off this amazingly realistic doll. Her glass eyes were bright and shiny, as if they came to life in front of every pedestrian. La Pasqualita’s eyes look directly at you no matter where you are. It is an effect that only a few icons and some paintings by great painters have.

The mannequin has the face of a beautiful girl with a dreamy and detached expression. On the “skin” of the face plays a light blush, and the hairstyle is made of real hair. Even the eyelashes are real.

Interestingly, twice a week La Pasqualita wears a new wedding dress. But no one has ever seen it happen. The clothes are changed behind tightly drawn curtains. And this has been going on for 85 years.

After the first appearance of the mannequin in the window, rumors began to appear that its appearance closely resembled the daughter of the store owner, Pascual Esparza. The people of the town remembered that not so long ago the store owner’s daughter had died from the bite of the poisonous Black Widow spider or scorpion. This story shocked all the people of the town, and they sympathized with the bride’s parents and fiancé.

And now, with their own eyes, they saw a mannequin that was an exact replica of the daughter of Pascual Esparza. The name La Pasqualita was given to the mannequin in honor of the daughter and alluded to the death and name of the father.

Many people who visit the store claim that La Pascualita has supernatural powers. They say the mannequin changes the position of its arms and eyes, and looks at visitors from different sides of the room. Some are convinced that the mannequin even breathes.

Despite all the rumors and mysteries, no evidence has officially been found that La Pasqualita has supernatural powers. But that doesn’t stop it from continuing to attract attention and evoke a wide range of emotions from visitors.

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