“Lady on a crenellated throne” mysterious artifact dating back to 2700 B.C.

This mysterious and unique artifact, dating back to 2700 BC, has been named the “Lady of the Toothed Throne”. It remains one of the strangest ancient objects ever found by man.

Italian archaeologist Massimo Vidale and his team verified the artifact’s authenticity and recorded its unique appearance for future generations.

The artifact is shaped like a “chariot or boat” with a bull’s head figurine on its bow.

On the “boat” are 15 “human” figures forming something that can be described as a “procession”.

The figures are covered with traces of black, red and yellow paint.

Some of the figures in the “procession” have the same decorations on their heads and wear conical “robes”, which are not found on other statuettes of this type.

One can also see a female figure sitting on a “crenellated throne,” from which the artifact derives its name.

The researchers concluded that the “lady” was created by an ancient Indus civilization, but they could not determine the meaning and purpose of the artifact.

There is no evidence for the use of four-wheeled vehicles in the Indus civilization, so it is unclear whether the artifact was created for ritual purposes or for more practical and rational use.

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