Learned how to print objects from metal ink in the air

Researchers from Harvard University have developed the technology to print objects of complex shapes from metal ink directly into the air without any additional supports.

Technology can be used to create electronic components of wearable devices, sensors, antennas, and medical devices.

Scientists demonstrated the 3D printer uses laser for targeting the ink coming from the tip which can move in the X,Y and Z. the Ink consists of silver nanoparticles. Technology allows you to create as tiny objects hemispherical shape, and more complex spiral objects.

As an example, specialists printed the butterfly, consisting of silver threads, a thickness less than the thickness of a human hair. Printing takes only a few seconds. Thus created threads are good conductors. Technology advantage also lies in the possibility of printing the silver wires directly into cheap plastic substrates. The process of creating programmed object, person no need to intervene in the printing process.

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