Levi’s together with Goggle will release “smart” clothes

Wearable electronics – this is yesterday. You give a wearable and “smart” electronic clothes! Want your jacket to be your navigator, control panel for the audio player and the headset for the smartphone at the same time? Then the new fashionable line from Levi’s you will be exactly interested.

A well-known clothing manufacturer joined forces with Google ATAP and released a fashionable “jeans” that perfectly sits on the body, even despite all the abundance of electronics that it is stuffed with. The jacket is sewed with sensitive electronics, which allows the user to transfer various instructions to the smartphone, using the usual movements to control the tube with the help of clothes. For example, listen to information about traffic jams, weather forecast, find out the location of the nearest restaurants or switch the player to the next track.

All these manipulations are carried out with the help of clicks and svaypov, so from the side it may seem that you are nervous or just constantly brushing off your dusty jacket and pampering with the buttons on your wrist. Nevertheless, nobody has released such a headset, so it looks very interesting.

The developers say that you can buy a jacket this fall. At first it was planned to start production a little earlier, but, apparently, the developers and the manufacturer of clothes could not bring everything to mind on time. But now it can be washed, washed, cleaned, kneaded and dirty – the jacket does not differ from ordinary clothes.

Before starting to produce fashionable clothes, Google ATAP was developing modular smartphones Project Ara, but something did not grow together and the project was closed.

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