Life appeared on Earth in violation of the laws of cosmology and evolution

The lack of intelligent civilizations in the immediate vicinity of the Earth can be explained by the fact that life on our planet came too soon from the point of view of cosmology and the laws of evolution of the Universe, say astronomers in the article published in Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

When people are thinking about when it is likely can be life, they naively think that this era has already arrived. It is not – we have found that the chances of life are much higher in the distant future of the Universe, ” said Abraham Loeb (Abraham Loeb from the Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysical center in Cambridge (USA).

Loeb and his colleagues have spent many years trying to find traces of extraterrestrial life in the immediate vicinity of the Earth and in the farthest corners of the Universe. Also they are trying to understand, when there are suitable conditions for the emergence and existence of life, when the last pockets of human life will disappear from the Universe, including trying to find an explanation for why we still have not met the brothers on reason.

Recent calculations of the team of Loeb show that life could have appeared on the so-called diamond planets, consisting solely of carbon and other light elements within 30-40 million years after the Big Bang when the first stars of the Universe exploded and planted it in heavy elements. Life, according to scientists, will disappear in about 100 trillion years, when extinguished the last light, a small red dwarfs.

This is a fairly large time span, and it is logical to assume, as noted by Loeb, what is reasonable or unreasonable extraterrestrial life appeared during this era of living beings is extremely uneven due to differences in the chemical composition of galaxies, the frequency of supernova explosions and gamma-ray flashes, and a number of other factors.

Following this idea, the authors calculated how many civilizations and just extraterrestrial life will occur in the Universe in different epochs of its existence.

As shown by this analysis, life on Earth was the exception to the rule, kind of an early child of the Universe – in accordance with calculations Loeb and colleagues, the first intelligent beings in the cosmos should appear in a few billion years, when the number of red dwarfs in the Universe will increase to higher values.

The chances of origin of life the closest to us stars today do not exceed 0.1% in the best case, which may explain why we still have not met the brothers on reason. On the other hand, the chances of a live birth in about 10 trillion years will be the maximum, a thousand times more than the probability of the appearance of the living creatures on the planets have sun-like stars today.

According to astrobiologists planets orbiting red dwarfs, are main candidates for the origin and existence of life. They have several advantages in this respect – the number of such stars is very large, they are a calm nature and live tens of billions, if not trillions, of years. We can therefore expect that the red dwarfs, if they are superstrong infrared radiation will not interfere with the origin of life, are the living bodies in the Universe in the distant future.

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