“Light Planets” will soon be denied

Due to the destruction of forests and the activities of agricultural enterprises, carbon dioxide emissions in the tropical regions increased by 20%. Scientists are sounding the alarm: soon tropical forests will stop coping with so many CO₂.

“Light planets,” as tropical forests are often called, already generate roughly equal amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Rapid deforestation results in the balance shifting towards CO₂. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh predict that the tropical jungle can soon become one of the causes of global warming from an ally in the fight against global warming.

Ecologists call upon the world community to take urgent measures to protect the forest cover of the Earth. “Our research shows that forests will soon not be able to withstand rising temperatures and will start generating greenhouse gases,” says Professor Ed Mitchard, one of the co-authors of the study.

So far, the increasing amount of CO₂ stimulates plant growth – but replacing forests with agricultural land in the near future can dramatically change the situation. Livestock, which is actively developed in the tropical countries of South America, also makes a significant contribution to global warming. This industry is the largest source of greenhouse gases, primarily methane. The greenhouse activity of this gas per 100 years is approximately 28 times higher than that of CO₂.

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