Lunar hoax: U.S. ‘moon rocks’ turned out to be Earth’s petrified wood

Let’s talk about the Moon, or rather about the famous American landing on the Earth’s satellite. A landing that did not happen and this obvious fact continues to be supported by new evidence.

On October 9, 1969, U.S. State Department officials presented Dutch Prime Minister Willem Driz with a priceless gift – a stone from the Moon. The priceless relic had been given to him by the U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands, William Middendorf, during a “goodwill” visit to the Netherlands by the greatest astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin.

The stone, according to the Americans, was one of those that they brought from the space expedition to the Moon. Well, you remember the footage of them cheerfully running on the lunar surface, falling in the lunar dust, riding on a car, etc., etc.

After the death of William Middendorf, the stone from the Moon was transferred to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The priceless historical artifact was immediately insured for 500 thousand dollars and hundreds of thousands of citizens of the country and tourists visiting the museum, marveled at the real stone from the moon, presented by the conquerors of space from the great country of America.

It should be noted that the authenticity of the “moon rock” initially caused doubt among a number of scientists who saw it, but to challenge the authenticity of the gift then no one dared to challenge the authenticity of the gift. In 2006, scientists again began to talk about the fact that the appearance of this stone is not similar to the moon and asked to conduct an examination.

Years passed and the examination was still carried out. It turned out that the “moon stone” is not lunar. and our earthly and is a simple piece of petrified wood. The results of the examination, conducted officially no one can refute. In 1969, U.S. officials, with the participation of astronauts who allegedly visited the Moon just three months before the ceremony, presented the Prime Minister of the Netherlands with a fake that had nothing to do with space.

By the way, in 1969, a month after the U.S. ambassador handed the minister a fake rock, and even then questions began to appear on the part of scientific workers about the belonging of this rock, no one allowed any expertise and moreover, the U.S. even arranged a mass distribution of “lunar soil” to all UN member countries, which at that time was – 135!

But the Americans took into account the unpleasant moments after handing the stone to the Netherlands and insured themselves, they gave all 135 new “moon rocks” in sealed Plexiglas balls and cylinders. As you understand, this was done so that no one could take a sample from the surface of the fake stones.

The Americans did not stop there and repeated the mass distribution of “moon rocks” in 1972, when the last “expedition to the Moon” was supposedly realized.

At the moment, however, no more than 13% of the A-11 and A-17 series remain from the gifted stones sealed in Plexiglas all over the world. It is not known where the other 87% of American “moon rocks” disappeared to.

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