Magic Stones: History and Mysteries

What mysteries lie behind the holey stones called “Hag Stones”? These unusual stones have centuries of history and are now considered magical objects. In this article, we will tell you what Hag Stones are, how they were used in the past, and what mysteries still remain unsolved.

What are Hag Stones?

“Hag Stones” are stones with a natural hole in the center. They get their name from the word “hag”, which means old woman or witch. In ancient times, these stones were used as protection against evil spirits, illness and misfortune. It was believed that through the hole in the stone one could see the hidden worlds and obtain magical power.

History of the use of Hag Stones

The use of “Hag Stones” as amulets was common in various cultures. In ancient Greece, stones with a hole were called “Anosia” and were used to protect against evil spirits. In medieval Europe, “Hag Stones” were worn as amulets against witchcraft and disease. In Africa these stones were used for protection against spirits and evil eyes.

Nowadays Hag Stones are used as magic objects in neo-pagan religions such as Wicca and Druidism. They are also used in magic and occultism.

Hag Stones” Mysteries

Despite the centuries-old history of the use of Hag Stones, there are still mysteries associated with these stones. Some of them are:

– What powers are hidden within the Hag Stones? These stones are believed to have magical powers, but exactly what powers remain a mystery.
– Why is the hole in the stone the key to its magical power? Some believe that through the hole one can see hidden worlds or access magical powers.
– How are Hag Stones related to mythology and religion? Some scholars believe that these stones have been linked to ancient religions and mythology, but so far no reliable evidence has been found.

Expert Opinion

An expert on magic and the occult, Professor John Smith, believes that the Hag Stones have magical powers that can be used to protect against evil spirits and disease. He also believes that through a hole in the stone you can access magical powers and hidden worlds.

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