“Magic wand” draws in air

On Kickstarter published the unusual project — the startup of Electricks developed Trickstick “magic wand” for LED drawing in air. It is capable to reproduce any color images.

As it works

In the device LEDs and electronic circuits which are responsible for reproduction of fragments of the image are set in a row. To draw the color image in air, it is necessary to load the company application for Android or iOS, and then with its help to send on Bluetooth the picture on Trickstick.

After that it is enough to include “magic wand” and to wave with it in air. Result – the bright detailed image which will strike your friends. Especially effectively it looks at night.

Creators claim that the distance between points makes 1,5 mm, all Trickstick at the same time reproduces 128 points. Up-dating of diodes is executed for 75 microseconds, synchronization is provided with the built-in accelerometer. Contrast range of the device – 4096:1, and it reproduces 24 bits of color.

The first investors could acquire Trickstick for 99 dollars. The project already collected nearly 43 thousand dollars from necessary 98 thousand, and ahead of 23 more days.

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