Man-made ruins found in Antarctica

Studying aerial photographs of the Shackleton ridge in Antarctica, scientists stumbled upon a strange object of clearly man-made origin.

It is well known that Lazarev and Bellingshausen were the first to reach Antarctica in 1820. But they are representatives of our civilization. Could it be that Antarctica was mastered by those who lived on the Earth before us?

Studying the pictures of the Antarctic ridge of Shackleton, the scientists discovered a strange formation. Most of all in its outlines it resembles a fortress. The structure is hidden under a thick layer of snow and ice, but the supposed remains of the walls are still visible.

What could it be? It is believed that the remains of an ancient pyramid – such as those built in Egypt and South America – got into the frame. Ufologists have long been promoting the idea that these buildings are actually needed to send signals into space. Another version, more prosaic, is really the remains of a citadel, which was built by some ancient civilization. Unknown people could explore Antarctica in those times when it was not yet completely covered with snow.

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