Material with programmable properties is created

Employees of the private research institute of Taft, the USA, developed the new material created on the basis of proteins of silk. Uniqueness of the invention consists that it is possible to set its properties in advance. A set of physical, chemical, optical and biological properties of this material can be set for a stage of manufacture, and it means that as a result it is possible to receive the product having unique properties, in a special way reacting to light, temperature or other external parameters.

In production of material used a silk fibroin, protein thanks to which silk is known for the durability. Depending on what properties the material received as a result of synthesis has to have, added various substances in different proportions to solution — they defined the property which turned out as a result of a product.

Making experiments with material, they already made several useful things. For example, the surgical instrument changing color when the level of pressing it threatened with breakage. Creators of material tell that it is possible to use it and for production of biologically compatible implants and components which, for example, could inject when heating into the patient’s body particular doses of medicinal preparations.

Researches continue, and scientists tell about an opportunity to apply material to manufacture of artificial limbs which will be able to change the form with age.

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