Megaliths of Vera Island: secrets of ancient civilizations on Lake Turgoyak

Vera Island on Lake Turgoyak has long been famous for its legends and mysteries. But only recently archaeologists have discovered here a unique complex of megaliths, dolmens and obelisks, which testifies that many millennia ago the island was a holy place and a religious center. Everyone who came here worshipped the created sanctuaries and sought secret knowledge.

Ancient dwelling and quarry

Excavations on the island have uncovered the stonework of an ancient dwelling that was probably flooded by an earthquake 5-8 millennia ago. A settlement was excavated near the dwelling, where scientists found ceramics of two types. An ancient quarry was also discovered, where traces of human impact are visible. Huge boulders have traces of pins inserted in them, which were used for splitting the stone (what was used to drill holes for these pins and what were they made of, taking into account that everything happened in the Neolithic period?). Divers have found such stones in quite deep water near the island, which suggests that the quarried stone was transported to the shore for some reason. Perhaps, in the Neolithic period, raw materials, which were considered sacred, were transported from here to the mainland (what were the stone blocks transported from the island in the Neolithic period?).


Megaliths were found on the island – cult constructions (scientists are sure that everything is a cult object) made of unworked stone blocks. One of them is a dolmen – a funerary construction (why exactly funerary if no human remains were found in any of the dolmens?), consisting of three chambers and a corridor. The megalith is strictly oriented to the west, and on the day of the equinox at sunset the ray of the sun looks into the dungeon, passes through the whole cave and stops on the opposite side. This suggests that the megalith was built for calendar purposes (not bad such knowledge in the “wild” people of the Neolithic).

Other man-made objects

Near the megalith there are several other ancient man-made objects, the purpose of which is still absolutely unclear. There is also a stone mountain on the island, on which an iron cross is installed. The mountain is not man-made, but it still attracts visitors to the island. Here our ancestors mined stone, and on some detachments there are traces of ochre, with which the hands of masters were stained. Scientists have found chips of rock crystal and quartz, which are not found on the island. They also found stone and wood tools, which could have been used as chisels or for dressing animal and human skin. Finally, things up to 10,000 years old have been found here.

Archaeologists believe that the megaliths of Vera Island indicate that many millennia ago the island was a sacred, holy place and a religious center (on what this confidence is based is completely unclear). All who came here worshipped the sanctuaries created and sought secret knowledge. This is confirmed by the findings of ancient pottery, ancient dwellings and quarries. Also, according to scientists, megaliths were built for calendar purposes, which suggests that religious rites and cultic events took place here.

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