Mexico has found bearings of a megalodon

The fossilated remains have been found in the mouth of the river in Punto Maldonado’s beach in the State of Guerrero. According to preliminary estimates representatives of National institute of anthropology and history (INAH), the animal lived in local waters from 5 to 1,8 million years ago.

Length of a shark, presumably, makes 18 meters, however still scientific it was succeeded to take only her part. About five meters, including the head, aren’t found yet that complicates identification of an animal.

According to one of versions, the Mexican fishermen have found remains of a megalodon — the huge shark living by different estimates, from several tens up to three million years ago. Megalodona were the superpredators which were at top of a food chain. Specialists of INAH will manage to obtain more exact data only after extraction of all remains of an animal.

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