Michio Kaku: the government has long governed the weather

In September 2013, on the air of the American channel CBS, Professor Michio Kaku spoke about weather management.

Do you really control the weather with lasers?

Michio: Right, you know, as Mark Twain said, everyone complains about the weather, but they do not do anything. Well, instead of dancing with a tambourine, we are scientists – we irradiate the heavens with lasers with a power of trillions of watts to cause rain from the clouds or even lightning.

Lead: Potentially, this is an epoch-making discovery, but so far only experiments?

Michio: That’s right. In the laboratories so far everything works out. By taking water vapor and particles of dust or ice, you can cause rain, because it condenses around the particles and these particles can be created with a laser beam, using a laser with a power of trillions of watts – the flow of electrons creates ions. And these ions act as dust particles causing rain and lightning.

Host: Terrific! I remember the stories about how China used this at the Olympics, and in the USSR so caused rain clouds over Chernobyl. Does this really work? Can we do this too?

Michio: There is evidence that in the 1960s the rainy season was caused in this way to “wash off” the partisans in Vietnam. The government uses these technologies …

Moderator: Presumably! Presumably!

Michio: Well … Presumably … So, we realized that … presumably … the government has been experimenting with the weather for dozens of years. But just do not know anything)))

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