“Microevolution” – more and more children are born without wisdom teeth

Research has shown that in recent years, more and more babies are born without wisdom teeth and have an additional artery in their arm. According to Australian researchers, this happened as a result of human “microevolution”.

Babies now have shorter faces, smaller jaws, and extra bones in their legs and feet, according to a study published in the Journal of Anatomy.

Australian scientists argue that humanity is evolving faster than at any time in the past 250 years.

Over time, human faces have gotten shorter, resulting in smaller mouths and less room for the same number of teeth.

Thanks to natural selection and our increased ability to chew, fewer people are born with wisdom teeth, according to Dr. Tegana Lucas of Flinders University in Adelaide.

“Many people thought that people had stopped developing. But our research shows that we are still developing – faster than at any time in the last 250 years, ”says Dr. Tegana.

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