Microplastics in the atmosphere have a detrimental effect on climate change

This conclusion was reached by a team of scientists from Australia, analyzing the effects of the content of small particles of plastic in the atmosphere. In their opinion, the volume of microplastics in the Earth’s air envelope is growing from year to year and accelerates the process of global warming.

In the course of their scientific work, Australian scientists relied on a computer model developed by them. Thanks to the three-dimensional object, it was possible to estimate the volume of microplastics currently contained in the Earth’s atmosphere and its effect on the increase in the global temperature of our planet.

The study authors stated that the simulation results showed little effect of microplastics on global warming. Scientists noted that this does not mean that this phenomenon is harmless. In their opinion, the content of small particles of plastic in the atmosphere is growing from year to year, which in the final result will lead to an acceleration of global warming.

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