Microsoft’s neroset can translate from Chinese as a person

Modern online translators from Chinese to English and other languages ​​work at a very low level. Differences in the structure and forms of languages ​​do not allow creating a software translator that will work with Chinese, as with other, more popular and simple languages. Microsoft claims that it was able to solve this problem with the help of neural networks, reports Engadget.

Artificial intelligence based on the neural network allowed developers to get rid of the usual machine translation in favor of a more human approach. To do this, the Microsoft team used a new system of double learning, in which some people were translating and searching for translation errors from Chinese to English, and the other group was translating it back, and then the results were compared. This allows the system to correctly translate the same phrases in both directions, whereas modern translators may not work correctly.

The company checked the work of its translator on the news and compared the results with professional translators. The study showed that artificial intelligence works at the same level as a person.

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