Modern monkeys are on the threshold of the stone age

Archaeologists from the University of Oxford came to the conclusion that modern monkeys now started the stone age, in ancient times, the ancestors of mankind.

Scientists went on Thai island, where people noticed that macaques are broken with stones, oyster shells, and gathered stones with traces of use as simple weapons.

Using radiocarbon Dating, archaeologists have determined that the macaques started to use stone tools about 65 years ago, which is the period of life of two generations of these animals. Other species of monkeys — chimpanzees used stone tools for over 4 thousand years.

“Currently, we are at the beginning of the stone age apes, commented on the results of the study Professor Haslam. The first traces of material culture date back 2.6 million years, so it is possible, we stand on the threshold of the birth of another round of civilization.”

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