Modern technologies helped to read “notes of the devil”

Notes of the Sicilian nun, which the devil himself dictated, were deciphered using a program used by the intelligence services.

In 1676, one of the nuns of the Palma di Montechiaro monastery in Sicily declared that the devil had settled into it. After waking up in the morning, she found a sheet near her bed, written with unknown symbols. The nun claimed that Satan himself appeared to her in a dream and dictated this text, trying to tune her against the Lord.

More than 300 years, cryptographers have tried to understand the meaning of the “Gospel of Satan”, and whether there is any sense in it at all. Scientists from the Italian Science Center Lyudum managed to unravel the code of the document. To do this, they had to use the illegally laid out on the Internet program for hacking ciphers, which are used by intelligence services.

The researchers launched the program, downloading it into the Latin, Arabic, Greek and Runic alphabet. With such a database, the translation was received fairly quickly. The text turned out to be really “diabolical”: God in it is called the invention of people, and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are dead.

Scientists believe that the nun was not possessed by the devil, but suffered from schizophrenia or created a deliberate hoax. To get such a harmonious text, a nun should have known several languages ​​and understand mythology.

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