More and more residents of cities suffer from “voices in the head”

If you live in a densely populated city, this greatly increases the risk of hearing extraneous voices in your head. According to psychologists, this anomaly is associated with stress due to life in megacities.

Shocking 62% of 18-year-old residents of criminal districts of densely populated metropolises hear voices in their heads. Recently, young people from this kind of place are 40% more likely to seek the help of specialists in connection with episodes of psychosis.

These episodes most often include voices in the head, as well as manifestations of paranoia. Researchers from the Royal College of London are extremely alarmed by this statistics. They call for the creation of preventive measures to reduce the risk of psychosis among young people.

“If we begin to intervene at an early stage, for example, offering psychological therapy and support to young people that will help them cope better with stress, the risk of developing psychosis and other mental problems in this population will be reduced,” says researcher Dr. Helen Fisher .

“It’s about fighting a very dangerous phenomenon, because quite often psychosis precedes the development of more serious problems, including severe depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, accompanied by hallucinations and voices in my head.”

The authors of the study have named a number of reasons why living in the city increases the risk of psychosis so much. First, it is due to the constant biological reaction of the body to stress, which disrupts the activity of dopamine in the brain.

An excessive amount of dopamine is the best biological explanation for disorders associated with psychosis, including schizophrenia. Almost half of the links between life in the city and episodes of psychosis are due to factors such as a lack of trust and support between neighbors, as well as a high level of threat.

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