More than 330 cats have died in the UK from an unknown disease

In the UK, at least 330 cats have died from an unknown disease, writes Sky News, citing the Royal College of Veterinary Medicine.

Scientists are establishing the exact cause of death of animals. According to the preliminary version, the death of cats could have come from Fold Hill Foods pet food, which was previously withdrawn. Experts found it difficult to name the exact number of sick quadrupeds. According to experts, one of the causes of death could be pancytopenia, in which there is a deficiency of all types of blood cells. The disease causes complications in pets and is sometimes fatal.

According to British veterinarians, the death rate among animals admitted to the clinic was 63.5 percent. Moreover, the real number of deaths can be much higher. The owners were urged to be vigilant and reminded that the majority of people bring cats for examination late. The British were asked to refrain from using this brand of food.

In June, Fold Hill Foods recalled a batch of its hypoallergenic cat food. Some packages have noticed mycotoxins growing on crops before or after harvest.

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