Moscow’s underground secrets: diggers’ research reveals a surprising world

Recently, a new hobby is gaining popularity among young people – the study of underground structures created by human hands. These brave adventurers are called diggers. Diggers are interested in various objects, such as sewers, underground communications, bunkers, drainage systems and abandoned military facilities. However, the most amazing object of their interest is the undergrounds of Moscow.

Diggers’ research has shown that “underground Moscow” has 12 levels of underground structures. At the deepest level there are caves of the Neolithic period, as well as the Moscow Sea, located in huge karst cavities. Fog and powerful waterfalls can also be observed there.

However, the most mysterious aspect of underground exploration is encounters with unusual creatures. Diggers often encounter huge rats that are larger than a dog. Giant insects such as earwigs, half-meter long millipedes and predatory worms can also be found in dungeons. The underground utilities are even home to ten-centimeter-long crickets. It is assumed that the changes in the size of living creatures may be related to radiation from underground nuclear reactors or chemicals entering the sewage systems.

Diggers have also described encounters with strange clots of biomass and ghosts. However, some researchers believe that such phenomena may be related to the peculiarities of the human psyche. In conditions of darkness and silence, which can be pressurizing in some areas of dungeons, the brain begins to create hallucinations to protect itself from the information vacuum. However, there are cases when a group of several people see the same light phenomenon, which cannot be explained by scientific principles alone.

Historical documents also point to the existence of underground passages under the Moskva River, which have not yet been discovered. There are speculations that the Kremlin dungeons could have been the repository of Ivan the Terrible’s legendary library.

Diggers’ research continues, and each new trip into underground labyrinths brings new discoveries and mysteries. Maybe soon we will learn even more about the mysteries of “underground Moscow”.

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