Mosquitoes capable of carrying dangerous diseases appeared in Italy

In northern Italy, a new species of mosquito has emerged that can carry deadly diseases, according to a study published by scientists at the State University of Milan in the international scientific journal Parasites & Vectors.

We are talking about the so-called “Korean” blood-sucking mosquitoes belonging to the species Aedes koreicus.

“The spread of alien mosquito species is favored by various factors, including climatic conditions, the constant movement of people and goods, the presence of an environment suitable for the development of their larvae,” the study notes.

Within the framework of a special program to monitor the possible areas of distribution of new invasive (capable of colonization – ed.) Species of mosquito, the University of Milan researchers found only in the northern Italian provinces of Bergamo and Brescia about 6 thousand larvae and hundreds of eggs of Aedes koreicus, which are widespread in South Korea. Japan, northern China, as well as some regions of Russia.

According to scientists, unlike many other species of blood-sucking, “Korean” mosquitoes tolerate cold well and are now actively spreading in the hilly and mountainous regions of northern Italy. The fact that this species was identified in Bergamo led scientists to assume that they entered the province through the Orio al Serio international airport located there.

Aedes koreicus mosquitoes are potential carriers of the Japanese encephalitis virus, which according to the World Health Organization is the leading cause of viral encephalitis in many countries in Asia.

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