Muscle man the main component to create an army of bio-robots

One of the major challenges in bio – the driving element. In principle, all the traditional power system coexist in the body. Therefore, scientists from the University of Illinois decided to use as the driving element of the muscle tissue. Experts used technology to grow a ring of muscle tissue using three-dimensional hydrogel shapes.

Further, these rings of muscle combined with a different structure, printed on a three-dimensional printer. This structure is a skeleton with rigid legs, flexible support. Rings are stretched to his feet like a rubber band. They contract and cause the design to move.

Previously, similar work was carried out with grown heart muscle cells (they rhythmically reduced). But those cells did not allow to fully control the movement. But skeletal muscle cells raised so that they were reduced during light exposure. And it allows you to clearly monitor the movement of the structure. It is also possible the use of electrical stimulation for the control of bio-robots.

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