Mutant genes that will turn You into a Superman

At some point each of us fantasized about being a hero. Of course, tight leotards can be uncomfortable in some places, but it’s a small price that anyone is willing to pay for the possession of amazing powers. Fortunately, that dream is close to reality. Genetics track specific mutations that are responsible for truly incredible abilities. Immunity to electricity to the superpowers of the Hulk, with these amazing talents might soon become as commonplace as food and breathing.

Indestructible bones

Broken bone, a remarkably simple way to break you all day (and the next few months). Although bone is the strongest substance in the human body, they are definitely vulnerable. Unless you have rare mutations of the gene LRP5.

LRP5 is responsible for bone density. Scientists already know that mutations in this gene can lead to reduced bone density, or osteoporosis. However, lately they also found that the gene mutation may lead to the opposite effect. One family in Connecticut, has been shown to be mutations of LRP5 that give them the bones of such density that those virtually indestructible. None of them ever broke a bone. Increased strength of bones, especially spine, skull and pelvis, gives the members of this family the oldest skeletons on Earth.

Scientists believe that this mutation causes too much signal bone growth, which lead to compaction of the bone and, consequently, versile. I would hope that one day control forms of the mutant gene can be used to put an end to the mutations of bones.


We all know how to run from nature, although not very fond of. And yet some people seem to inherently better cope with this basic skill. Of course, this may be due to training or steroids, but geneticists believe that the answer is not in this.

It turns out, are gifted by nature runners might be more suitable for “X-Men” than for the Olympics. The gene ACTN3 is present in every human body, but some mutated and produces a specific substance. This protein, alpha-actinin-3, is responsible for the control of fast-twitch muscle fibers that allow us to run. The increase in its amount leads to an explosive burst of muscle power that results in high performance in all kinds of sports, especially in the sprint.

Remarkably, there are two versions of this mutant gene, and athletes who have found both versions were definitely better than their colleagues with normal chromosomes. Perhaps we stand on the threshold of a new era of productivity.

Immunity to poison

When it comes to poison, the human body very quickly give up. Even one drop of cyanide or ricin — all. If these substances are accidentally or specifically into the human body, they have no protection.

However, for hundreds of years, residents of San Antonio de Los Cobres in Argentina drank mountain water, arsenic levels which exceed safe 80 time. And, oddly enough, remained residents of San Antonio de Los Cobres. Despite the extraordinary daily exposure to the deadly metal, the people remain completely healthy. All thanks to mutant gene, which has passed through thousands of years of natural selection.

His name — AS3MT. It allows the body to process arsenic, not allowing it to accumulate in dangerous concentrations, so the owners of these microscopic mutants can eat as much arsenic as long as they like. It is estimated that now this gene have 6000 people in General.

Short sleep

Superhero difficult life. If you work a regular job during the day and wander the rooftops at night, time to sleep does not remain. But if you’re lucky, your mutant abilities will include a short sleep.

Genes involved in the process of sleep, a lot, and they are incredibly complex. One of them, such as DEC2, responsible for regulating the amount of sleep we need each night to properly function. Most of us need eight hours of sleep or more, but about 5% of the population enjoy a slightly different version of the mutant.

Tests conducted on the mother with the daughter who had the mutation, revealed the ability of sleeping only 4-6 hours each night. Mere mortals began to feel the negative effects after a couple of days of this dream, but the mutants carry, it is quite normal. Scientists hope to replicate this mutation, so that crime fighters can spend less time unconscious.

Electrostatica skin

Electricity occupies a place in the list of the most dangerous things that we face every day. We usually don’t think about it, because I’m used to it, but we almost always surrounded with a sufficient amount of power that could kill us in the blink of an eye. Serb Slavisa Pikica it never bothered his unique genetic makeup protects it from electricity in the best way.

An ordinary man covered in millions of sweat glands which usually lay for shock comfortable the wet way directly in our skin. Panic, on the other hand, don’t have sweat or salivary glands due to a rare genetic disease. This means that electricity cannot penetrate into his body.

This unique talent has earned Pikachu the title of “human batteries”. It can cook food, boil water and even fire anything, passing electricity through his body, which set several records and appeared on several television shows. In addition, he uses his gift for treatment (though this is unlikely) a variety of ailments, migraines and pain back in his native Serbia.

Tinned intestine

Lifestyles of the rich and famous musicians are notorious for being bad on the body. Countless lives have gone into the sunset prematurely because of the stress associated with constant use of alcohol and drugs. But, oddly enough, one of the men, especially associated with this dangerous profession, remains quite strong for many decades.

Ironically long life rock singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne may be attributed not only very luck. The researchers analyzed the genetic code of the legendary musician and found quite a few mutant genes. Most of them are related to how the body breaks the alcohol and other chemicals. For example, mutation of the gene ADH4 provides an increased number of proteins that remove alcohol from the body. Genetic variants like this one help explain how Osborne is still on his feet, despite the “pool of booze, cocaine, morphine, sleeping pills, cough syrup, LSD” and other things that rockers kill themselves for many years.

Devouring metal

In the career of every superhero, there have been times when defeat seems inevitable. Doomsday device villain is ticking and all hope is lost. But, fortunately, the genetic variation of a superhero give him another chance. He grabs the device, add a pinch of salt and swallow. The city is saved.

This superhero name is Michel Lotito. This phenomenal French showman all his life ate everything. Televisions, shopping carts, beds and even a plane passed through his all-consuming stomach. Swallowing shards of glass and twisted scraps of metal usually kills anyone, but Lotito kept his deadly diet for many years.

It is believed that the digestive everything stomach Lotito was the result of a very rare genetic defect. He was born with a fancy thick walls of the stomach and intestines so its digestive system was strong enough to avoid the inevitable cuts and tears, would be confronted with other people. A few SIPS of the lubricating mineral oil is the only precaution.


Inhuman flexibility was komiksoidny stamp for many years. Because the ability to deform and bend the body in amazing shape was visually interesting. However, its popularity makes us think that it’s fantastic. But this is not fiction.

Born with a genetic disorder known as Marfan syndrome, have literally rubber tendons, and ligaments. Mutations in the gene responsible for production of the protein fibrillin-1, cause the body create connective tissue with inhuman flexibility. Such people can twist the body in amazing shape, which he would have envied Mr. fantastic.

Of course, this gift has a price. Such people can acquire an unnaturally long limbs and facial deformities. Genetic defect also leads to problems with the skeleton, nervous system and even the heart, some of which can be fatal.


Superpower is the quintessence of the possibility of a superhero. With this ability he started playing the superheroes. Brute force surprises and allows you to lift any weight with absolutely no effort. The good news is that it is possible. The bad news: her to be born.

Those who are lucky to be born with mutations in the gene responsible for production of the protein myostatin, to dream of sorsele is not necessary. The myostatin tells the body to stop producing muscle, when they become sufficient, but defective genes lead to the fact that the muscle mass grow two times larger than normal and fat decrease.

Not many people in our world have this ability and scientists are trying to curb. It is believed that studying these mutant genes, we could one day learn to treat diseases like muscular dystrophy.

Immunity to pain

Pain. I you toe on the corner of the bed, cut while shaving or enter a closed door, all people regularly experience this feeling. Pharmaceutical companies make billions, creating pain, but the secret of true insensitivity to pain hiding in mutant genes, which appear relatively rarely.

The SCN11A gene determines the amount of sodium in the cells of the body. It may not sound very impressive, until you realize that nerve cells use the sodium, sending a pain signal. If the mutant gene reduces the levels of sodium, and nerve cells do not have enough material to send such signals, making the body impervious to pain.

Strangely, these people often break bones and generally suffer from accidental harm. In the absence of pain, which tells them what to do, they tend to the injury itself, especially in childhood age. However, their mutant genes are incredibly rare and valuable, so you can be the key to a revolutionary new anaesthetic.

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