Mysterious ancient frog mass grave found in England

During excavations of an ancient settlement in England, a huge cache of frog bones was discovered, and archaeologists are at a loss why so many of these creatures were buried in an unusual mass grave.

The mysterious find was reportedly made while examining the remains of a centuries-old house near the village of Bar Hill. During the excavations, they discovered a trench 13 meters long, in which, for inexplicable reasons, there were about 8,000 frog bones.

Described as “extraordinary” by archaeozoologist Dr. Vicki Ewens, the discovery has particularly puzzled researchers as they have no explanation for the origin of the mysterious mass grave.

According to researchers who have studied the remains, there are no cut or burn marks on the bones, ruling out the possibility that the creatures were eaten.

One intriguing theory is that the amphibians died of natural causes as a result of some catastrophic event or illness, and their remains were subsequently dumped into a giant trench.

However, for now, archaeologists admit they are at an impasse as to how and why mass graves came into existence.

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