Mysterious artifact from Vologda: the disappearance of historical value

Ten years ago, during urban excavations in Vologda, a strange stone object was discovered, which immediately attracted the attention of many archaeologists and historians. The size of a matchbox, this artifact was found in the cultural layer of the XVIII century, but scientists have suggested that it has a much older origin.

The uniqueness of the find was that nothing like it had been found in Vologda either before or later. However, after the mysterious artifact was sent to the laboratory for research, the whole thing ended – the artifact simply disappeared. Today, few people know anything specific about him – more and more rumors, which makes him even more mysterious.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that many inconvenient artifacts that do not fit into the framework of the generally accepted concept of the development of human society immediately disappear. They end up in private collections that are beneficial to museums, safe for orthodox scholars, and pleasing to those in power, or placed in secret vaults for “inappropriate artifacts.”

However, this approach to historical values raises many questions. Indeed, it is thanks to the finds of archaeologists that we can learn more about the past of our planet and expand our knowledge about the culture and technologies of ancient civilizations. If archaeologists lie and hide “inappropriate artifacts”, then the veracity of the entire “official history” can be called into question.

Unfortunately, the mysterious artifact from Vologda has become another example of how historical treasures can disappear without a trace.

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