Mysterious item with ancient runes found in Norway

Archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage (NIKU) have discovered a mysterious wooden object covered with ancient runes during excavations in the historic part of Oslo.

The opening is announced on the NIKU website. The discovered object has become the third valuable find in the last month and a half, during which excavations are underway in the historical part of Oslo. Thus, a well-preserved figurine of a falcon was found earlier in the same historical site.

The new find is a mysterious wooden object, on the surface of which eight runic symbols are rather roughly carved. Archaeologists date it to the 13th century.

The length of the artifact is 11.4 centimeters. It is roughly worked in the area of ​​the narrowed middle part, both of its ends are wider. Eight ancient symbols are carved on one side. They were applied to the surface after the artifact itself was made. As archaeologists say, no one has read these runes for 800 years.

An expert was brought in to decipher them – Christel Zilmer, professor of runology at the University of Oslo. He determined that one of the characters was the word “asbin”, which could mean the name “Asbjorn”. Asbjorn is a fairly common Scandinavian male name known from runic inscriptions from both the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. Another symbol was deciphered by the expert as “a mik”, which means “owns me”.

“The names of the owners are often found in medieval inscriptions,” explains Professor Zilmer. “The texts contain both individual personal names and names together with the prefix “owner”. Sometimes it is also mentioned what exactly the person owns.”

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