Mysterious Sahamian lines: a map of the great gods

In the distant expanse of the Bolivian Altiplano stretches a mysterious map that still raises numerous questions for scientists and researchers. The Sahamian lines, as they are called, are huge geoglyphs carved into the ground and stretching for dozens of kilometers. These ancient symbols have become an object of interest not only for archaeologists, but also for people fascinated by mysteries and mysticism.

History of discovery

The first mention of the Sahamian lines can be found in the records of Spanish conquistadors, who in the XVI century traveled through these lands. However, official recognition of these geoglyphs occurred only in 1932, when archaeologists from the University of Berlin discovered and studied them. Since then, active work on researching and deciphering these mysterious symbols has begun.

Scale and shapes

The Sahamian lines are huge geoglyphs carved into the earth. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from straight lines and geometric shapes to images of animals and plants. The largest of them extend for several kilometers and are visible only from the air. Scientists assume that the creation of these geoglyphs required enormous effort and many people.

Mystery of origin

One of the biggest mysteries of the Sahamian lines is their origin. Scientists are still unable to determine exactly who created these geoglyphs and when. There are various theories, including the assumption of a supernatural origin of the lines or their connection to ancient astronomical observations. However, there is still no unambiguous answer to this question.

Meaning and symbolism

Sahamian lines have a deep symbolic meaning to the local people. They believe that these geoglyphs represent a pathway to the gods and serve as a link between heaven and earth. Many scholars also believe that the lines may have been used in religious rituals and ceremonies.

Modern research

Sahamian lines continue to attract the attention of scholars and researchers from around the world. With the help of modern technology, such as satellite imagery and laser scanning, it has been possible to discover new geoglyphs and decipher some of the older ones. However, many mysteries remain unsolved, and the Sahamian Lines continue to be one of the most fascinating mysteries of antiquity.

“The Sahamian Lines are a unique phenomenon that still raises many questions for us. Despite all our advances in science and technology, we still cannot determine exactly who created these geoglyphs and for what purpose. This is an ongoing study that requires further efforts and cooperation between scientists from different fields,” says Prof. Alexander Ivanov, an expert in archaeology.

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