NASA: A 160-meter asteroid is approaching Earth

Asteroids are space objects that can pose a threat to Earth. Because of this, scientists and astronomers are constantly monitoring their movements and developing methods to prevent collisions. Recently, the U.S. aerospace agency NASA warned about the approach of a 160-meter asteroid 2013 WV44 to our planet.

The asteroid 2013 WV44, which is comparable in size with the Stalin skyscraper in Kudrinskaya Square, will fly past the Earth at 11:00 Moscow time on June 28. Its speed is 11.8 kilometers per second, which is 34 times the speed of sound. However, scientists assure that the asteroid poses no threat to the inhabitants of Earth.

According to experts, the asteroid will approach our planet at least 7.5 million kilometers. This distance is 19 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Moon. The scientists also note that they are closely monitoring the asteroid’s trajectory and can adjust its orbit in case of a threat.

It is interesting to note that astronomers from the United States have previously charted the trajectories of the most dangerous asteroids over the next 1000 years. They identified 28 most dangerous celestial bodies, which are constantly monitored. This allows timely warning of possible threats and take measures to prevent collisions.

Historical evidence also shows that asteroid collisions have occurred in the past. One of the most famous cases is the fall of the asteroid Chelyabinsk in 2013. This event occurred in Russia and caused significant destruction and casualties. After this incident, asteroid research and monitoring was intensified to prevent similar situations in the future.

Although asteroid 2013 WV44 poses no threat to Earth, its approach is a reminder of the importance and need for constant monitoring of space objects. Scientists and astronomers will continue to work on developing new methods to prevent collisions and protect our planet from potential threats from space.

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