NASA announced the termination of communication with the Martian spacecraft

Data transmission between Earth and robotic spacecraft that explore Mars was interrupted for about two weeks. A related post was posted on the Perseverance mission blog.

“During the period from September 28 to October 17, we will not be able to transmit any new instructions to Perseverance due to the conjunction of Mars with the Sun, – said the rover team. “We’ve already given him a set of commands to run experiments autonomously that don’t pose a risk to equipment and don’t need to be monitored continuously.” Scientists expect to make good use of this time span by conducting long-term experiments. For example, since the rover will be stationary, you can follow the change in the landscape under the influence of the wind.

Each revolution of Mars around the Sun corresponds to approximately 1.9 Earth years. Therefore, with an interval of about two years, Mars and the Sun are connected when they are located almost at the same point in the earth’s sky. During this period, the star interferes with radio communication between the planets, since they are located strictly on opposite sides of it.

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