NASA completed an experiment to simulate life on Mars

For eight months, its participants lived in a complex built on the slope of a sleeping volcano.

Six of its participants after eight months left a special complex located on the slope of the sleeping volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii. As reported on the site of the University of Hawaii, they were in a two-story dome with an area of ​​111 square meters in total isolation from the outside world since January 19. This allowed the most accurate reconstruction of the living conditions at the space station.

Throughout this time, the crew was followed by cameras and various sensors located on their bodies, scientists. This was necessary in order to identify the medical and psychological problems that the crew of the ship, which goes to the red planet, may encounter.

As the scientific supervisor of the experiment Kim Binsted noted, the participants overcame difficulties with honor, but said that the results of the research will be known after the final report is analyzed.

A similar experiment is planned for January next year. It will also last eight months. NASA plans to send a man to Mars in the next 20 years.

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