NASA has published a video of the landing probe “Huygens” on Titan

Only 12 years later after a triumphant landing probe “Huygens” on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, NASA has published a video of historical significance.

The most important event in the history of space exploration occurred on 14 January 2005. “Huygens”, who worked in conjunction with interplanetary station “Cassini” was the first machine that landed on the celestial body in the outer Solar system. Moreover, the landing, which carried out the probe is the farthest landing on a space object, the perfect man.

In fact the Titan was magnificent in its terrible beauty, but it is absolutely unusual to earthlings. Over satellite floating orange cloud layers, and on the surface of a celestial body is the rivers and lakes, where instead of water — hydrocarbons.

Titan is the only space object (other than Earth of course), which has on its surface a stable liquid sources. Although the temperature of the moon of Saturn is -170 degrees Celsius, and the waters lapping the methane, scientists hope to find on Titan life forms, though different from earth.

NASA created a video using photos, made by “Huygens” and the information received from the apparatus.

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