NASA has revealed how breathing Earth

Space flight center NASA Goddard posted videomodel movement of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. To create it, it took space Observatory, a supercomputer and a mathematical model of the atmosphere of the entire planet.

A new project has combined the calculations of a supercomputer, NASA and very complex computer model of the earth’s atmosphere. With the amount of CO2 from mid-2014 in the atmosphere following space Observatory OCO-2. Data collected by the Observatory from June 2014 to September 2015 has imposed on the atmospheric model, which takes into account temperature and wind direction.

The carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere as a result of human activities, not forever remains in the air. About 25% of all emissions of the plant absorb during photosynthesis, another quarter dissolves into the ocean. Only half of the carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere. The new model shows exactly how the gas is distributed over the surface of the Earth (most of it in the Northern hemisphere, where the largest industrial centers of the world). It also allows you to determine which areas of the globe most actively absorb CO2, as well as the degree of saturation of the ocean the gas.

To do this using the tools of observation, without a computer simulation is impossible, the scientists insufficient equipment, including specialized surveillance satellites.Carbon dioxide — the main greenhouse gas. With the increase of its share in the Earth’s atmosphere less sun leaves the region close to the surface of our planet, and the higher the temperature.

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