NASA showed footage of the “birth” of a rectangular iceberg

NASA recently unveiled photographs of unusual shape icebergs. The attention of Internet users attracted an ice array of unusual regular shape. The rectangular iceberg was cut from ice with the help of special mechanisms. The Web immediately expressed the opinion that this is just a photomontage, and in nature this can not be.

But at the Aerospace Agency claim that the photos are absolutely real. Moreover, NASA recently showed footage showing how this very iceberg-brick appeared. An unusual object turned out to be older than expected: it broke away from the Larsen Ice Shelf in November 2017.

A rectangular iceberg was born in a fairly narrow fissure between the ice shelf and a giant ice mass of about a trillion tons under the designation A-68. The existence of the “ice brick” was under threat, the iceberg could face both the A-68 and smaller icebergs. This would lead to its destruction and the formation of smaller icebergs of a not so beautiful and regular shape. However, an iceberg with a width of 900 and a length of 1,500 meters avoided the threat of collisions, thanks to which it “appeared” in the photo.


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