Nature included a mechanism for self-regulation

Based on a study of a 40-year series of observations of the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the circumpolar regions of the Northern Hemisphere, a group of scientists from the United States and Japan found that the previously observed increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide caused by global warming in the northern latitudes has slowed down significantly in the last 15 years and even has ceased. According to scientists, the mechanism of self-regulation of nature has earned. Warming caused an increase in the duration of the active state of vegetation, and this, in turn, led to an increase in the absorption of carbon dioxide by plants.

Thus, nature itself partially compensated anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

The researchers believe that such a reaction can substantially compensate for the effect of warming on the carbon balance in the northern latitudes during the growing season.

According to experts, the results underscore the importance of studying the cycles of greenhouse gas balance during long periods not only in the north, but also in other latitudes of the planet.

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