Nature Sounds Can Reduce Pain, Reduce Stress, And Improve Your Mental Health

Here’s another reason to spend more time outdoors. Nature sounds can reduce pain, reduce stress, improve mood and improve cognitive ability, according to new research.

According to the researchers, a spring walk in nature accompanied by the singing of birds and the sound of rain works wonders for your health. This means that those who go outside to exercise during the pandemic improve not only their physical but also their mental health.

Scientists say that the sounds of the water evoke positive emotions and improve health, while the sounds of birds fight stress.

“In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of nature to human health,” said study lead author Dr. Rachel Buxton, a researcher at Carleton University. “As traffic declined during the quarantine, many people experienced a completely new soundscape by noticing the relaxing sounds of birdsong right outside the window. How wonderful that these sounds are good for our health as well.

Buxton also encourages people to close their eyes and be mindful of the sounds they hear when they visit their favorite park.

“These sounds are wonderful and good for our health,” she adds.

The research team says the sounds of water have been most effective for enhancing positive emotions and improving health. Bird sounds combat stress and irritation.

“The findings highlight that, in contrast to the harmful health effects of noise, natural sounds may actually enhance mental health,” said study lead author Dr. Amber Pearson, associate professor at Michigan State University. “Most of the existing evidence we have found comes from laboratories or hospitals. There is a clear need for more research on natural sounds in our daily lives and how these soundscapes affect health. ”

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