Near the Bahamas considered two huge underwater pyramids

“Virtual archaeologists” from the command secureteam10 published a new video on which the maps of the ocean floor of Google Earth shows two standing next to large structures in a form reminiscent of the classical pyramids. The facilities are located next to the Bahamas.

The team created a video based on the post of the popular ufologist Scott Waring, who first noticed the pyramids on Google maps.

October 18, 2017 Waring published a post about the pyramids on his website. After in May, 2017 Waring published a message that he closes his site because “ufology has turned into entertainment,” in September 2017 he returned to work.

The pyramids are located 6.6 km south of the Bahamian island of New Providence. Site coordinates on Google Earth 24 ° 56’26.50 “N 77 ° 19’39.35” W.

At lightening, the objects look more clearly

The pyramids are rather large, one of them wide, with the right pyramidal shape, is almost 100 meters high, more than 57 meters high. The parameters of the second pyramid are not indicated, it does not have a smooth pyramidal shape, but a broken one, possibly the construction suffered during flooding (if it really is a stone pyramid).

Waring suggested that the pyramids were built by the ancient Maya or the Aztecs or other Indian tribes.

Skeptics say that the whole thing in pareidolia (kind of illusion, when people see something specific in any object) and at the bottom are not pyramids, but just some kind of natural formations.

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Hi there.
I can\t use the coordinates provided and I don’t feel like converting them, I have better things to do.
24 ° 56’26.50 “N 77 ° 19’39.35” W this format is unrecognized by google.

Bing maps puts me here Jura, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

So please give coordinates I can copy-paste into either google or bing, that’d be real peachy


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