Near the mouth of the Amazon discovered coral reef

Coral reef discovered by researchers in the Atlantic ocean near the mouth of the Amazon river.

The total reef area is 9.5 thousand sq. km Reef stretches along the Brazilian coast in the area where the oil companies plan to conduct oil exploration. Formed by a coral polyp structure was found by a group of scientists last year. After the researchers turned to the experts of Greenpeace for help with filming discovered reef, to the place it was sent from the organization the ship Esperanza.

Scientists were surprised by the fact that the reef is thriving in adverse conditions under the turbid plume produced by Amazon.

According to the researchers, to date, managed to map less than 5% of the ecosystem.

Greenpeace is concerned that oil companies, including BP and Total, will start in the near future to produce oil here, which can cause damage to the reef.

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