Nestling birds of Paradise first came to light in captivity

Ornithological sensation in Germany for the first time in captivity was born in the Paradise bird. Breeding Reggiano birds of Paradise (Paradisaea raggiana) in captivity is tricky. Specialists in bird Park “Walsrode” in Lower Saxony succeeded in reproduction creatures with bright and lush plumage. The bird was born in December, and a month later was first published and was presented to the visitors of the Park.

This is the first breeding delightful Paradisaea raggiana not only in Germany but throughout Europe.

In nature, birds of Paradise live in the tropics of New Guinea. Body length cute birds — 33 cm Weight: males 270 g, females — 170 grams. Birds feed on insects and fruit.

Known about 40 species of birds of Paradise. Some of them were destroyed by hunters, attracted by the gorgeous feathers of tropical birds.

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